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Excess Baggage / Overweight Baggage


Our service can CUT EXPENSES instead of spending money on excess-baggage

Our Service:

either you bring your luggage to our company, or even better, we pick it up at your place. We can pack your baggage properly if desired. We deliver your luggage in time to the Airport and manage the check in for you. You decide when the luggage should arrive at its destination. We manage all formalities for you.

Our favourable Airfreight can SAVE you up to 80 % of the usual fees.

We are happy to quote prices for your personal excess-baggage. Just give us a call or send a short e-mail explaining your needs.
Airlines charge between ca. 5,00 and 30,00 EUR/Kg for overweight baggage. This is usually 1% of the ticket price of an first-class Ticket.

Having too much luggage does not have to be a problem.

Staying longer abroad for work or Studies or having unusual packing needs such as bikes, surfboards, golf equipment, etc. can be solved by using cheaper Airfreight.

The only thing you have to calculate: normally Airfreight needs about 3-6 working days to reach its final Destination because of security reasons.

Please contact us early, so there is no delay in the shipment arriving.

The advantages: